Zuru Kah

Traditional folk song of the indigenous peoples of Melenoria, sung in the Èthanshwogg dialect Wylu, cocka shlimby, fwy? Shlimbu nogga swimbry vly! Kalu-ziki ruzuvah, Ishdu bliki zuru kah. Myluzenri shubu tekka shlien! Lazuka mani ishubizelien! . English Translation: Crazy one, you brag gleefully, eh? Happy head, making mud!* From out my heart a war cry, […]

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Evening Drive: Wyoming Edition

I like to take the long way home, The lazy road that wanders there Among the sagebrush outside town. I like to roll my windows down, The cool air swooshing through my hair, Bewitching me again to roam. The sky shines blue after the rain And stretches, touching earth on all Horizons. Puffs of white […]

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Mollie Wiser’s Superpower

I think every kid wants a superpower of some kind. My brother and I did. He always wanted to be a flame-throwing, shape-shifting, flying robot-man. Me? I just wanted to be invisible. Little did I ever think it would become a reality for me. I remember the day I discovered my superpower clearly. It was […]

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Part 2–Awesome Choices

I informed my friends that I will become a dictator. They took it in stride. If by taking it in stride you mean snorting in derision. But they were judged. Turns out it’s hard to snort in derision while drinking pop. Apparently deciding to become an evil dictator is the easy part. There are no […]

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Hopes vs. Fears

Some hopes glow like bright balloons That lure you to the sky— They take you up to glorious heights Then pop, then drop, then die. And when you wake with muddy teeth And gravel in your eye, With hands and knees and elbows scraped, The pain will make you cry. Wipe those tear drops from […]

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