Beware the Shower

Turn your brain down in the shower or you’ll be there for an hour, and your thoughts, though bright and soaring, will not reach the water bill’s flooring nor crest the tidal waves of hate crashing as you pull in late— another battle lost in rhyme to your nemesis—Time.

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You think too highly of yourself, oh mind, to answer questions God as yet has not. It is a wisdom of the baser kind that storms His silence with unbridled thought— for who can cypher symbols from the dark or wrangle possibility to stage, to poke and prod and deftly pin the arc of Spring’s […]

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A Prayer for Grace

Oh, Lord, please strip the darkness from the night; and dull the blade of bitter-sworded wrongs and pulverize the teeth of terror’s bite and mend the wounded heart with Heaven’s songs. Scrub off despair from where the hope burnt out and lift away a thousand pounds of loss and clear the grey from riddled days […]

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The Words

For my mother, who patiently took care of my Grandmother who had Alzheimer’s disease for 9 years. My Granny was a kind and gracious woman and never would have wanted to put my mother through difficulty. In a way, this is for both of them. I feel the things no longer fully known that once […]

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Living Water

The land is cursed— this desiccated earth stripped of life and cracking— the sun, a fire from the sky the seas and rivers, all run dry. I can feel the lacking in the cup You drank of dearth. And yet I do not thirst.

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