It feels and never really facts. the feel-ness of it nests like vultures sitting on your nerves. Or slowly mournclouds shifting by.   One never argues with the shade It stays a while and often times it Goes – It feels but never VERY bad. A kind of throbby dullness swollen into lumped-up silence. You […]

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I Reach for Grace

I reach for grace like stretching for a cup of water in the heat that seems too far away. – My fingers seem at best to scratch the back of worn and weathered hands that hold the drink I crave – My mind. Practical. like sluffing off a test I know I cannot ace. Should […]

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Being Different

I never really know why I am here…again. The things that set it off—a sharp report That starts the pistons of my mind chugga cha chugga cha chugga that pound away at who I am and leave a bare exposed—like sand after all the shells are washed Away – It goes to center—deep inside the […]

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Campfire Stories

Here the moon glows like coals high above the spiral sparks and teasing warm of ember gems buried at the bottom of the flame. – It makes us deep, contemplative or just flushed and slap-happy and sometimes gives us both at once so we sit round and, eager, tell our tales – Things that are, […]

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Ice Advisory

Ice advisory crackles on the radio frost and ice (not snow) but ice. The air tings sharp—like rigid glass— The clouds are porcelain, the breeze a wet snap snipping by promising the things that will never fall..till now? – Ice advisory. Tonight the wood-burn stove purrs as liquid flames turn brown to grey…and cold as […]

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The End of Civilization

Stealing down to steal computer time seems like such an awful crime delicious…like an evil master-mind – The steps report with every tiny step we terror-halt to pause and prep our story (lie) for what we’re doing ep – No one wakes as like a secret wake we reach the basement, pause to take a […]

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Seeing Through Lenses

They walk about and speed on by the other people in the street, and never seem to pause and greet the little joys—the sun, the sky. – A lens is like a telescope looking in pressing in making wood grains into patterns backdrops for the things everybody else ignores that stand out sharp stark and […]

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Hanging Christmas Balls

at night we hang the balls precise to fill in color that the gaps need most. and always I adorn the tree with ornaments just at the edge hanging very low and clustered much too close – come morning and I see the tree with all work shifted around and changed! and hanging up, and […]

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Let All Earthly Men Rejoice

Children of the earth rejoice and prostrate all your shame Raise as one your ransomed voice and kneel to God again. No longer let the darkness rule the souls His scars have saved; but lift on high the glorious jewel and stand and walk amazed – The earth is broad; and rich and warm The […]

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He stalwart, stood upon the Trojan plain, and drove his heels into the earth and brown. He bared his shoulders, bent into the strain, and, pulled a little copper statue down.

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