What is a Melenorian?

Artists are crazy. We all know it, but no one seems to understand why. There are two answers, of course. One, they are wack-biscuits. Two, they are Melenorian. It should be noted that what follows is a theory, but a very scientifically sound theory.

Long ago in an alternate time stream, there was an alternate nation (probably not called the USA–that’s boring). One of the top classes in this nation was made up of artists, teachers, writers and musicians–everyone who created and invented and imagined. Through magic, these people made themselves more effective writers and painters than any artists before them. In time the very air of this nation was scented by magic that made its way into the artists’ blood. They could now do more than simply create; they could feel artistically. They inherently understood word colors, subtle musical tone, and the mood of a painted line. They were master artists in every field.

Alas, lots of magic foolishness and war happened. And, as is so often the case, people, being people (if they were, in fact, “people”), managed to blow their world into tiny, little pieces. But this particular magic–Melenorian magic–was so strong, some of it seeped into our world.

It floats on smoky, fall winds and stinging, winter snows. It lingers by crackling fires and flits like shadows in shady forests. And occasionally–very, very occasionally–the magic works its way into a person. It is responsible for moments of brilliance and unnatural creativity. “I’m usually not a creative person,” someone will say and come out with an idea.

And on even rarer occasions, the magic goes deeper. For if a person, touched by the air of Melenoria, gives birth to a baby, the baby can become Melenorian. A Melenorian looks like anyone else. They act like anyone else. They listen to loud, thumping music (if they’re into loud, thumping music which is bizarre). They stay up all night at sleepovers. They eat too much birthday cake and get sick.

But occasionally they seem oddly out of touch with reality. They cannot remember basic instructions. They are frequently directionally challenged. They sometimes seem misty and far away. They are known as “random,” “spastic,” or “lost in time and space.” They are quizzical. They are odd. But they are also natural artists.

Anyone can “do art.” But Melenorians inherently “get” it. Whether it’s drawing or music or poetry or acting, art is in their blood. They see things and sense things, and occasionally they can’t even explain exactly why–they just know. No one is one hundred percent Melenorian. Even (scientifically sound) magical explosions can only do so much. Rare indeed is the Melenorian who can excel at more than one or two of the fine arts. Rare is the person who constantly feels the pull of that magical country. Rarer still is the person, who feeling the pull, puts those longings to use and produces a bit of magic. A piece of Melenoria.

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