Naturally, this is the real reason you came to this site. No, don’t argue. It is. And boy will we deliver–if we get around to it. Delivering is hard and takes work. Work is painful. But good news! Even Holli and Ethan can only take their writing laziness for so long, and if you’re lucky–if you’re very, very lucky–you just might see us finish a story.

Now, for the useful information. Variable and Fairy Tale are trade-off stories. Every other segment trades off to the other writer (hence, the clever name). So that you are unable to track me down and beat upon me, I will not disclose who started which story.

The Race to Verdue Fountain is, alas, a work of Ethan’s alone. Don’t worry. It progresses VERY slowly and will take a couple Time Lord regenerations before he finishes with it–or even posts the next segment.

Holli really should write her own story. But she is stingy and does not think Melenoria deserves a story entirely by her. If you think she is wrong please leave a comment detailing your distaste with her current no-Holli-story-for-Melenoria policy. If you do not think she is wrong, you may copy/paste the following message:

Even if Holli is right about not writing her own story for Melenoria (and she’s not, but oh well), Ethan is still the most legitest person on the web (like, really).





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