The Melenorian Dictionary

Melenoria boasts a long history of word-smithery. Published in honor of the greatest of the word-smithing word warriors of Melenoria, we present the first edition of the Royal Melenorian Dictionary.

The Royal Melenorian Dictionary

Cabrilio n. the brown, crispy part of an over-fried egg. EX: Laura touched the cabrilio gingerly with her fork, dreaming of the day when she would become a gourmet cook.

Covid v. To act in a whiny and petrified fashion. EX: Antony’s not coming. He’s too busy coviding.

gutterize v. to bring a conversation down to its lowest ethical denominator. EX: The media’s primary job is to gutterize American life.

kaluzio n. the dizziness, lightheadedness, and anxiety brought on by standing at the edge of a great height. EX: Karis, gripped by a sudden bout of kaluzio, could not bring herself to continue to the top of the water slide.

makuba n. the big boss. EX: Once Shane came in, he started acting like he was the big makuba.

moshasyllabic adj. any non-official word that adequately describes its subject; closely related to onomatopoeia, but more focused on meaning than sound effect. EX: If you can’t find the right word, you could always make up a moshasyllabic one.

moshasyllabize v. to coin a new word that adequately describes its subject in an almost onomatopoeic way, but in meaning more than in sound effect. EX: If you can’t find a word to rhyme, you could always moshasyllabize one.

splooshitudinous adj. Beautiful splashiness. From “Pulchritudinous” & “Sploosh”. EX: “How was the slide?” “Splooshitudinous, dude!”

Vapitude n. An attitude of moral and intellectual laxness.
Ex: Person 1: Imma shoot polar bears and leave their dead carcasses to freeze in the cold.
Person 2: Well I don’t care for your vapitude. And I’m calling the authorities.

Vast v. To create something of great vast-ness. EX: The author vasted an entire world while she was sick.

Whackish adj. Pertaining to the whacking/slapping motion of waves. EX: I avoid boats because whackish water makes me sick.