Other Writings

Specificity is clearly not our strongsuit. Welcome to the “Other Writings” portal. It acts as the portal for…other…writings. Whew, now that we got that cleared up…

Basically this is for essays and stuff. But a portal called “essays” would discourage visitors from clicking on it and would DEF discourage us from adding to it. Who wants to spend time intentionally writing an “essay”? NO, stop looking at my abbreviation of definitely. I abbreviated it because I have trouble spelling it. Do not judge. You’re judging. Stop it.

Currently there is a section for serious essays and a section for humorous essays. This division is evidently obligatory. I’m not entirely sure we even know HOW to write a serious essay. And if we did, who’d want to read it? Although…I have been experimenting with a “Basics of World Domination in 1,000 Easy Steps” line of essays. That’d be serious.