Ethan Talbert


Ethan is one of the bespectacled weirdos who runs Melenoria. Together with Holli (commonly known as the Flaming Dragon Princess), Ethan pretends to do art. Or rather, Holli does art, and Ethan pretends.  You know what I’m trying to say. But doing art is hard because Ethan, who does not believe in doing in general, must now update a blog. One could imagine how this might give Ethan a new-found sense of purpose, nay even responsibility. One would be wrong.

Ethan loves books and long rambling walks. He believes everyone should be more like C.S. Lewis (in many respects, anyway) and should only listen to classical music and a few chosen soundtracks. Ethan enjoys writing, though he doesn’t do it much, and believes that one day his lack of effort will translate into a famous novel.

NOTE–If you are scratching your head in confusion and mild irritation at the name of the blog, here is a link to better explain it to you. (Isn’t that nice of us?). You can follow more of Holli’s writing at

3 thoughts on “Ethan Talbert

    1. Probably…maybe. But then…I’d probably kill myself again, or rather the bike would kill me.

      Also, how are you? Seems like it’s been forever.

      Finally, I promise I did not mean to ignore your comment. WordPress did not alert me that there was a comment pending :(. We need to catch up.


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