Eyes slant. Sun flares bright. Dust ghosts swirl between. He squints across where his opponent stands. Appraises. Time ticks slow. All around watchers holding breath in tight lipped silence. Tilts hat down. Readies feet. Waits his beat. Fired like crackle flame flying from the hand marked, slight change rise connecting– snapped with metal ring And […]

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Spring Cold

Life blows blurry bleary and a fog, ripped dripping fliffing on a hot cup tea held, coughing in my words and sniffling scratchy in my throat like blanket wrapped all ‘round shoulders as, clearing throat, shiver in the summer weather. – I hate colds. – – – Photo by Lisa Hobbs on Unsplash

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A Beautiful Rivalry

Kelly, sea, emerald, pine the vibrant life-green seems unshy– sage, and hunter, every shade to bandy beauties with the sky. – Blue as vivid heaven’s soul unrivaled here in realms of clouds, it sweeps election every day most popular, and bright and Loud. – But hear a word for foliage: you never notice life around […]

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avoiding Life

oh to curl up in a sunbeam; watch the life go rushing by. and i’ll just sit here cunningly as searchers miss me in the sky. and i’ll look down where down below they run in little circle tracks, live in home florescently or argue over time and tax. they’ll go to school and eat […]

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O Death,

I walk the sunrise quiet pines, mid whispering winds that near beside  brave silently the trembling sound: Oh death where is your sting? – The grass grows hearty—little lives nurtured in the womb of earth so shortly short, now green, now brown Oh death, is this your sting? – Droplets mist the eyes of day […]

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The Conqueror

Hatred cast its eyes on Him— scheming minds of threatened men, armed with lies and aimed to kill. (Anything for glory!) They led Him like a thief to trial, bound Him like a lamb for slaughter. He bowed His head and bent His knee but not to them. The devil, man, and death together mocked […]

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Your Light Arises

Far away the wings of morning lingered long in darkened hall. Wreathed in murky gloom the promise just beyond our reach and call. Then a shaft of God-borne sunlight, Morning star where night had fled broke the bounds of death and darkness Christ has risen from the dead! – CHORUS: See our death and darkness […]

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Three Days

I. Death loomed large the great triumphant and eagerly its maw opened up for Jesus. II. Death slept well in silent sureness snoring sound on bones three days since eating Jesus. III. Death woke shocked, a guard embarrassed snapped like iron bars. Jesus walked away…triumphant. – – – Photo by Jonny Gios on Unsplash

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Why did He die hanging there against the sky? The evil witness stood and lied, Peter swore, and trice denied. Why did Jesus die? – Why was He torn for crimes He never once had worn? The crush and pierce of razor thorns He bore amid the sins and scorns. Why was Jesus torn? – […]

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The Arm of the LORD

Take heart, dear souls, you exiles of the Fall and banished from God’s presence by your sins! The Lord has stretched out His almighty arm— salvation’s Word resounding from the throne, declared in muted tones for human ears, His spitting image put to fragile flesh. The Son has taken up the Father’s will and borne […]

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