Evening Drive: Wyoming Edition

I like to take the long way home,

The lazy road that wanders there

Among the sagebrush outside town.

I like to roll my windows down,

The cool air swooshing through my hair,

Bewitching me again to roam.

The sky shines blue after the rain

And stretches, touching earth on all

Horizons. Puffs of white and grey

Meander overhead. Today

The offspring of the sky may sprawl

Below where glints of rain remain.

The sunlight casts its magic through

The air. It catches in the mist

And turns the snowy peaks to gold.

It whispers stories to be told

Before the sleepy town is kissed

Goodnight and hopeless dreams come true.

The sunset beckons me to fly—

The spread of blue, the dash of peach,

The fire at the edge of day.

The best is not the quickest way,

But lies beyond time’s greedy reach.

I take the drive home through the sky.

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