Journey On

The sun’s last light– this morning’s bright companion to the winding road, bounded by green fields, that stretches on to the horizon. – – – – Image from Ayden Sutton

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Thanksgiving: Home

The world is wide, and all its wonders, calling— mountains and castles and streams.   But I am tired, and all my heart-steps, craving— not mountains, not castles—but home.   Thank you, Lord, for home.            –  

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Glory of a Little Life

  Is it a little life?  hidden quietly away? lost between the mountains?   Like a book that someone dropped?  laughing and talking? and then forgot to miss?   Do the pages feel old? like dull sentences re-written? on page after page after page?   The world is loud and wild and flashing with triumphs. […]

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Stay by your worries and they will become mountains, towering dark across your path— too big and terrible to cross.    But our vision becomes so easily distorted,  and the fears we see so clearly  are only scary caricatures of reality —the closest things always look the biggest.   Stay by your God,  and He […]

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When Friendships Die

When friendships die, we bury them. We carry them gently to the valley and lay them in the dirt. We raise a memorial stone and groan as daylight fades and we leave the grave alone. But we come back now and then to track again the happy days on ways that will not cross again, […]

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Evening Drive: Wyoming Edition

I like to take the long way home, The lazy road that wanders there Among the sagebrush outside town. I like to roll my windows down, The cool air swooshing through my hair, Bewitching me again to roam. The sky shines blue after the rain And stretches, touching earth on all Horizons. Puffs of white […]

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