Reformation Hymn

All the doctrines of redemption, stand confirmed and stand alone. Truths eternal and unaltered, freely offered, freely known. Words that mark the road to heaven, grant us peace and end our strife, turn us toward our Lord of glory, point the path for truth and life. – Scripture only, not tradition, true foundation flawless guide. […]

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Soli Deo Gloria

My own works can never merit what the Love of God has won. Grace alone! I can inherit righteousness through Christ the Son. – Scripture’s word not human fables points salvation, warns my soul. God’s own word alone enables, proves my sin, and makes me whole. – I now grasp the mighty pardon God in […]

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Castles on the Shore

We built our castles by the shore by foamy surf and shell-crushed sand, our ears resounding with the roar of water crashing into land. — By foamy surf and shell-crushed sand we formed the ramparts, built the wall, The water crashing into land reminding us to make it tall. — We formed the ramparts, built […]

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