This Unworthy Hand

‘Twas mine own hand that signed the sin and wrote rebellion firm; and etched my ink upon the sheet of parchment in my pain— words that still reverberate deep inside my soul and make me bow my head in shame. – But once I knew the water-lands of bliss the English morning downs, and curtain […]

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Christian Identity

We are not poor— snatching at the crumbling goods of barbaric societies.   We are not helpless— mustering life-power from dying bodies.   We are not unknown— clambering for the stage that collapses into dust.   We are not ashamed— covering up the crash sites of our faulty trust.   We are not desperate— gobbling […]

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The “Impossible” Place

 I don’t like this place— dark as space without the stars. This maze of bars has trapped  us all, and we must fall in gravity’s hold for men have told our certain fate. But wait— isn’t this God’s land?                               – […]

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Stay by your worries and they will become mountains, towering dark across your path— too big and terrible to cross.    But our vision becomes so easily distorted,  and the fears we see so clearly  are only scary caricatures of reality —the closest things always look the biggest.   Stay by your God,  and He […]

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The Painter and the Canvas

“Just paint it any way you choose,” the well-intentioned voices say. “Just make it beautiful today; This space is meant for you to use.”   But on this canvas, I’m so small, and the brush is awkward in my hand. How will my work turn out as planned when I can’t even see it all? […]

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On Things Above

I hang my every hope upon the Lord and swing out on the promise of His name; the God who saves His people from their sins extending grace and justice just the same. – CHORUS Lord who do I desire on earth but You? And who in heaven, Lord, apart from You? Nor height nor […]

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All of You

Unto the word of God, my heart at last was moved. Before Your holy face, at length I knew my sin. I cried out to the Lord, released the crimes I loved. Your holy grace, like rain, has washed me pure within. – CHORUS Your work alone! And nothing that I do, before Your throne, […]

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Reformation Hymn

All the doctrines of redemption, stand confirmed and stand alone. Truths eternal and unaltered, freely offered, freely known. Words that mark the road to heaven, grant us peace and end our strife, turn us toward our Lord of glory, point the path for truth and life. – Scripture only, not tradition, true foundation flawless guide. […]

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Soli Deo Gloria

My own works can never merit what the Love of God has won. Grace alone! I can inherit righteousness through Christ the Son. – Scripture’s word not human fables points salvation, warns my soul. God’s own word alone enables, proves my sin, and makes me whole. – I now grasp the mighty pardon God in […]

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