All of You

Unto the word of God, my heart at last was moved.

Before Your holy face, at length I knew my sin.

I cried out to the Lord, released the crimes I loved.

Your holy grace, like rain, has washed me pure within.


Your work alone! And nothing that I do,

before Your throne, can make me near to You.

My Savior’s death, brings righteousness to me,

His dying breath has set my bound heart free.

I never seek Your face, but by The Spirit’s aid.

Dim my most earnest hopes, to walk within the way.

No grace but Your decree, could make affections stayed.

Your treasures opened wide, and granted me each day.

Your mercies never end, as long as I draw breath.

Ever Your presence near, to turn me to Your love.

And when I rise again, in victory over death,

Made like unto my Lord, I’ll reign with Him above.


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