Setting Paths

Brick by brick I see the lines of life– layering into the concrete of myself; and wonder (had I known it at the time) If I would lay the path that led me here… again.

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Sometimes all the lights go out or make us to believe that they were never really there. You stumble into every wall and trip and fall again. You hear the snickers all around the sounds but not the sights of everybody watching you. – Sometimes every song goes out an arrow in the air that […]

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My Only Song

My song is broken,  shattered by the screams,  the knife-like voices of life, throbbing in my ears.  I bend down, bewildered,  to pick the notes up off the floor,  but the heavy pieces will not budge. My hands weren’t made for this. I remember Your voice, how it softens the screams into minor chords  that […]

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  Above the clouds— swaying grass, tickled feet; the summit view— sprawling earth-blend art; an eagle passing; the rich, unending sky; the thrill of going heart on heart— forever.                           –

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  Walk out across the lonely hills. Stand still and shiver with the trees. The chilling breezes creep on through  the gaping holes that no one sees, and, ghost-like, walk among the daffodils.   The silence hovers like a cloak. She covers secrets in the air— lost words, lost songs, lost screams, lost souls— that no […]

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Asking Life

Lord of life, in your mercy grant that we who live in life that you alone provide would grasp with all how we should eat, and run, and play, and live; that in our life the beauty of Your created life might be more fully ours. That in our praying and our weeping and our […]

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I feel warm-close, safe-soft; nestled. Voice waves rumble, gently soothe. Eyes shut, tight-closed, hands curled inward. Slowly open, stretch my leg – I thump, bumping on the warm-close, Hear the rumble thrum I love. Thinly cracking like a river Mouth turns upward at the ends. – I feel movement, worried sloshing. Other rumbles than I […]

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