The End of Civilization

Stealing down to steal computer time

seems like such an awful crime

delicious…like an evil master-mind

The steps report with every tiny step

we terror-halt to pause and prep

our story (lie) for what we’re doing ep

No one wakes as like a secret wake

we reach the basement, pause to take

a breath, then play computer with no break

Greeks are seizing our size 20 city!

Tanks on planes…this isn’t pretty.

Launch a nuke and end them without pity.

Return to earth! Our consciences return

about the time we, sudden, learn

Our father stands beside us…calm and stern

We gamely opt to end the game

and rush to bed…all filled with shame

forswearing crime to save our rears deep pain

The moral is, as morals often  be

a bit too deep for me to see

so maybe I’ll just leave that part to thee.

2 thoughts on “The End of Civilization

  1. Glad to see you writing again. I can identify with the poor little chap, rushing to bed to save his rear…

    Nick Mauer

    Pastor of Outreach & Discipleship

    Calvary Baptist Church |

    P: 410.635.2800

    C: 240.620.3234


  2. I remember one great moment though. Mom came down to see Micah and me playing. We knew we were probably (read definitely) past our allotted computer time, so we jumped up and were about to turn off the computer.

    Mom said we could capture one more castle. As soon as we took it, an enemy lord sent a message insulting us.

    Mom: “You just gonna take that from him? Write this…” and she gave us a message to respond with.
    Soon she urged us to take his castle. We got an extra 29 or so minutes of computer time while Mom egged us on. It was the best. Alas, this was never repeated.


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