Ice Advisory

Ice advisory

crackles on the radio

frost and ice (not snow) but ice.

The air tings sharp—like rigid glass—

The clouds are porcelain,

the breeze a wet snap snipping by

promising the things that will never

fall..till now?

Ice advisory.

Tonight the wood-burn stove

purrs as liquid flames turn brown

to grey…and cold as people snore

nestled in mountains

soft and blanket fuzzing-warm

promising the cold that never

comes…till now?

Ice advisory.

The wake-thought as we wake

and shaking feel the quake of ice

that’s particled to window panes.

The rigid floor-boards groan

as we scamper—barefoot (why?!)

to see the maybe snow that never

falls…but now?  

Ice advisory

nestles silent on the ground

in heaping humps of snow (not ice).

The hallway fills with whoops and squeals

as snow-knife air invades

through the gaping front-porch door

promising a day that never

comes…till now.

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