Delved from depths of earth and crusted round in roughened stone. Fair only faintly glimmering where experts glance against the light: the deeply hidden mystery. – Wrenched from home and hacked in stolid unrelenting strokes born lone forlornly; brutish blows that chisel known and comfort—gone now Bare. Exposed. Vulnerable. – Born in hands that hold […]

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Just Rewards

“I don’t deserve this!” yelled I, loud, till raised by my hot ire the wakened form of fairness came and sweetly placed a crown of garbage on my head.

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All Saints

They burned–and long ago and somehow here below the fire-sparks of ancient glow still reach us; glories of their greatest throw of faith; the settled trust to know that nothing’s lost if it would show that all they have and all they know is nothing worth, and they would throw it all away to seek […]

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One in a Million

When God saw all those walls come down– and Israelites a-stormin’ in, when Joshua prayed for the sun to last, and stop the earth from constant spin, when Daniel and His friends stood firm against the evil king’s decree, when Peter stepped outside the boat to walk upon the stormy sea… then God saw the […]

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Journey On

The sun’s last light– this morning’s bright companion to the winding road, bounded by green fields, that stretches on to the horizon. – – – – Image from Ayden Sutton

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Fairer than the Dawn

Oh Savior you are beautiful fair beyond the sun that’s lately run its daily done and dips to sea again. – Your ways are deeper than the sea, and light danced ember waves. The secret graves of hidden caves are known before your eyes. – Your eyes can pierce the blackest night and thus you […]

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The Crime Convention

Cluck gobble, cluck chuck gobble all that pluck and buck and wobble all the birdlings’ flight and squabble come on down to Malvern hovel. – Malvern farmyard–chicken barnyard holds convention in the scarred yard. Craters, cages, all the discard fill the full convention courtyard. – Clucky Kleister, great foul shyster, grand emcee and pooba meister […]

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From Away

I am a cloud along the sky blown by wind, i travel sprightly by. i see the kids having picnics with their parents far below. – Transient as morning dew dropped sometimes to earth– through glass i view a family… gathered at table. i wave by twinkling in the light. – And so like light, […]

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Day Three

When He had on the third day seen as far as bent the waters green the endless upend, wave and roar the changedness of trough and tor and having perfect in His hand at length the Maker vasted land. – – – – – Petra M. Greening, pexels

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