Seeing Through Lenses

They walk about and speed on by

the other people in the street,

and never seem to pause and greet

the little joys—the sun, the sky.

A lens is like a telescope

looking in pressing in

making wood grains into patterns

backdrops for the things

everybody else ignores

that stand out



and beautiful

They know the sound of joy and strife

they sing and laugh and sometimes think

but never pause long on the brink

of chaos-beauty we call life

So we adjust the lens more fine

Scanning the normal things

For thinks extraordinary. Hid

where no one finds

or never stoops & looks.

Hidden there in open sight



and merciful

People need to feel their world

the quiddity of wet and light

the joy-chill of a snowy night

a piece of heaven here unfurled .

2 thoughts on “Seeing Through Lenses

  1. This one is brilliant. It deserves a few reads. I must confess to looking up “quiddity.” What a fantastic word. Thank you.

    Nick Mauer

    Pastor of Outreach & Discipleship

    Calvary Baptist Church |

    P: 410.635.2800

    C: 240.620.3234


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