Campfire Stories

Here the moon glows like coals high above the spiral sparks and teasing warm of ember gems buried at the bottom of the flame. – It makes us deep, contemplative or just flushed and slap-happy and sometimes gives us both at once so we sit round and, eager, tell our tales – Things that are, […]

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The End of Civilization

Stealing down to steal computer time seems like such an awful crime delicious…like an evil master-mind – The steps report with every tiny step we terror-halt to pause and prep our story (lie) for what we’re doing ep – No one wakes as like a secret wake we reach the basement, pause to take a […]

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It’s hard to watch  the hands of time,  dismantling the past. unscrewing memories,  packing up the artifacts in boxes to bury someplace.    The house I loved, taken board by board, is not the place it was before— but lonely, struggling to stand,  in a forgotten field.    My elders—where are they? Time has damaged […]

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