I feel warm-close, safe-soft; nestled.

Voice waves rumble, gently soothe.

Eyes shut, tight-closed, hands curled inward.

Slowly open, stretch my leg

I thump, bumping on the warm-close,

Hear the rumble thrum I love.

Thinly cracking like a river

Mouth turns upward at the ends.

I feel movement, worried sloshing.

Other rumbles than I know

now are mumbling, very close now.

I feel warm-close…



3 thoughts on “2599-AA

  1. Wow. That’s painful, but very good.

    Nick Mauer

    Pastor of Outreach & Discipleship

    Calvary Baptist Church | cbc-md.org

    P: 410.635.2800

    C: 240.620.3234

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