To Ana

Ana, Your grave lies small beside the grass, which short–I hear the sound of mowers still rises higher than the marbled flat within the ground. This place we laid you: never once to see the sun, or the brown and dying blades of life. But now the grass is green again and now the sun […]

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  Walk out across the lonely hills. Stand still and shiver with the trees. The chilling breezes creep on through  the gaping holes that no one sees, and, ghost-like, walk among the daffodils.   The silence hovers like a cloak. She covers secrets in the air— lost words, lost songs, lost screams, lost souls— that no […]

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I feel warm-close, safe-soft; nestled. Voice waves rumble, gently soothe. Eyes shut, tight-closed, hands curled inward. Slowly open, stretch my leg – I thump, bumping on the warm-close, Hear the rumble thrum I love. Thinly cracking like a river Mouth turns upward at the ends. – I feel movement, worried sloshing. Other rumbles than I […]

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