A Baby’s View

For my twin nieces who are 7 months old. What would it be like if they could talk right now, or tell their older brother (3) what they are thinking? here’s a rump and rumbly thing a happy lumby loy, a smiley mumming bleeps and boops and holding me like joy. – here’s another, flumph […]

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The Shepherds’ Watch (pt. 2)

The sky streams bright, a thousand streams of burnished, flashing light power vaster than the sea that dulls the brightest fireside in white and holy flame. – A voice that speaks, a mighty voice of bold encouragement: A Savior come to earth for us? Greater David, David’s town? a child-spark, a flame? – Now hosts […]

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A smile is a curve like sunrise breaking out to warm the cheeks that lately knew a straight and tight line of nonchalance that now has changed to brighten all the world. – Eyes are wells like little pools that laugh like noise without the voice and bring a wiggly- woggle warm that drive your […]

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I feel warm-close, safe-soft; nestled. Voice waves rumble, gently soothe. Eyes shut, tight-closed, hands curled inward. Slowly open, stretch my leg – I thump, bumping on the warm-close, Hear the rumble thrum I love. Thinly cracking like a river Mouth turns upward at the ends. – I feel movement, worried sloshing. Other rumbles than I […]

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