A Baby’s View

For my twin nieces who are 7 months old. What would it be like if they could talk right now, or tell their older brother (3) what they are thinking?

here’s a rump and rumbly thing

a happy lumby loy,

a smiley mumming bleeps and boops

and holding me like joy.

here’s another, flumph as i:

a rumble on the floor

fisting faces, gahs at me

the flumph i knew before

my older flumph is gabbering

nonstop to mah n dah—

a whirling whisk of tumble toss

so knave, so rave, so raw

my dah is blumming near to me:

all prickle prick and lome

and mah is mumming from away;

i feel i love my home.

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