The Sharks, You Fools, the Sharks

The sharks live in the ocean, y’all,

Antoni told me so.

We cannot swim within the sea

the sharks will surely know.

They lie beneath the whackish waves

to splunder all our bones,

to stab our legs with teeth like steel

and drag us to their homes.

Who knows what goes on down below

where gloomsome light declines?

The Shark-feast mega gala fest

the kind that eats our minds!

No no, you cannot change my view

those waves are crests of death!

I will not test a toe inside

a place that ends my breath.

Oh so, my brother made it fine

and Mom has joined him too!

The sharks are full of freakish plans

and gobble fools like you.

No I’ll just sit here on the beach

and covid my deprive.

I’ll miss the splash the sploosh, the spray

but see…I’ll be alive.

Photo by: Melanie Wupperman

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