The Shepherds’ Watch (pt. 2)

The sky streams bright, a thousand streams

of burnished, flashing light

power vaster than the sea

that dulls the brightest fireside

in white and holy flame.

A voice that speaks, a mighty voice

of bold encouragement:

A Savior come to earth for us?

Greater David, David’s town?

a child-spark, a flame?

Now hosts of angels host us round

an army singing peace?

Glory be to God on high

God’s favor shown to man?

A prayer. A praise. A flame.

Still swirling trails of swirling white

as eyes adjust to dark,

we stumble quickly toward the town

and just as word was said

our burning hearts aflame.

Lying there like princes lie

in gentle downy beds,

a child, still, in feeding trough

breathes silent life: like us.

A small, a minute flame.

And here we take our stations. Hear

and watch into the night.

We come to guard the king of light

and stand like silent sentinels

till sun shall rise in flame.

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