Evening Dance

Sing Ring-a-dilly and a merry good day!

Sing for your sorrows, friend, have all gone away.

The grass is all greener, and the heat gleam’s a’ gone

Sing fa-la-lonnie for the past is beyond!

Green is the summer air, and orange the fall

Plump is the pumpkin in the grass and the sprawl.

One day’s a’flighted, but another one’s soon,

sing in the lamplight, dancing under the moon.

Look, ho! The dancers, dancing under the stars.

Girls whirl like twirling and the men bow like czars.

See lanterns lighted, long the laughter and throng

chorus with crickets in the night carol song.

Troubles are coming, yes, but troubles will leave

part of the story, friends, in tales that we weave.

Swing dip and fiddle for the fiddle is fine

Sing fa-la-lonnie friends, for life is divine!

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