Evening Dance

Sing Ring-a-dilly and a merry good day! Sing for your sorrows, friend, have all gone away. The grass is all greener, and the heat gleam’s a’ gone Sing fa-la-lonnie for the past is beyond! – Green is the summer air, and orange the fall Plump is the pumpkin in the grass and the sprawl. One […]

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Adam’s Vigil

He sat at night beneath the darkened skies; if earth’s first man, its first in failing too. Regret, in shadows, closed him ‘round, and drew the salt and sorrow from his sinful eyes. E’en now he heard the echoes of her cries– Eve’s shuddered breaths– that wounded him and threw that past, and awful madness […]

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A Thanksgiving Prayer

We bow our hearts before You, Lord,  in simple thankfulness outpoured for You, our God, have made us rich: You spread your gifts out like the stars—  skies and skies of diamond shards that catch Your light in the dark and shine—  a billion testaments to love that we can only see the edges of.  […]

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Floating light-pricks of noise dot the skies and …circle… round in patterns, pre-determined spheres. Burning novas. Falling falling f–a–l–l–i–n–g orbs. Showering space with colored noise. Silent explosions heard – – FAR AWAY  – –

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Sonnet I

The earth’s bright glories fade to dark. Beyond— The greater view that daytime never saw: Tonight the drapes of heaven are pulled back To hush the lowly world in speechless awe. ‘Mid bowing grass and silent trees I pause, And cannot help but lift my eyes and gaze Across the endless miles of darkened space […]

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