Prayer for a Pure Heart

Blessed are the pure in heart for they shall see God.

-Matthew 5:8


Lord, build around my heart a wall of grace

to sift the daily facts as they come in

that nothing but the truth would find a place

and nothing but Your love would dwell within.


Refuse despair an entrance to my heart

though, daily, disappointments enter there.

I’ll take the mysteries and sprawling art,

if formed of Your superior wisdom’s care.


Turn envy and her vicious fangs away

(I hate her poisoned tales of others’ good!)

that I may praise You for their lots today,

as gladly as the ones receiving would.


Bar the door against my downfall, pride,

that lifts myself against Your lavish love

and shoves away the ones for whom You died–

this is not the grace I’ve tasted of.


Hold back the guilt that comes in tidal waves

to bury me in knowledge of my sin

for You, Jehovah Tsidkenu, who saves,

have taken what my judgment should have been.


Please banish all the crippling pangs of loss

that steel the heart, cold, against the world,

and soothe the aches through wonder at the cross–

our flag of boundless, loyal love unfurled.


My wrong interpretations of my days

intrude upon the place Your blood has bought

and build a subtle wall that parts our ways.

Grant that I would only know Your thought!


Since nothing here may take Your love from me–

not trouble, death or life, or old or new,

not height, or depth, or anything I see–

I ask that nothing take my love from You.













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