The Orchard of Stars

Picture: Orchard of Stars by Hannah Patterson

It’s rare when skies are purple

and shining and bestarred.

While daylight lingers slightly on—

the moon shines full unbarred.

It’s rare that daylight mingles

with early shades of grey,

and mixes up the dark and light.

It’s called a Midnight’s Day.

It’s rare that one would wander

in fields long after dark.

But if you could—and if you would–

the contrasts would be stark.

Then is only when you see

the strangest strongest things.

The stuff you’d dream of in your dreams

the stuff enchantment brings.

There’s one place you should visit

just on a Midnight’s Day.

It sits beside the yellow house–

not very far away.

The trees are strange in daylight,

misshapen in their looks,

but just this time, they look refined

like graceful curving hooks.

And on their branches hanging,

from strands of astral thread,

are little shining golden stars—

there! Just above your head.

These tiny half-moon crescents,

and ast’rixes and spheres,

that glow and gleam and grace the night

A dozen twinkling mirrors.

The sky behind is purple,

deep blue and royal pink

a scrim of azure twilight hung

behind each golden link.

The dark’ning night is Satin

a jewelry cushion box

that closes round the twinkling gems

to guard the Elven locks.

The sky-stars hang like snowflakes

above the ember hill.

Just four trees left—not yet chopped down

the magic lingers still.

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