Sarah’s Sonnets

Holli Gibbs

Sonnet 1                                   04/14/08

In silent rapture sits my sister fair.
Intent her gaze, she listens carefully,
Her cheeks aglow with color rich and rare,
Her light eyes fastened on him faithfully.
Those eyes, so beautiful and newly caught,
Do dart and, sparkling, dance in rythm to
His words. She eyes each feat and heeds each thought
As he relates the tales of ventures new.
Though blind to life, she has one single view;
And deaf to life, she hears one single sound;
And numb to life, she feels but one thing true—
The being of her dearest, newly found.
If she would only my way chance to look,
Might I discern the title of her book?

Sonnet 2                                   04-16-08

My sister sits alone with book in hand,
Her eyes arrested by the printed page.
Her mind is blind; her sight, in other land.
The charming story herself does engage.
A sudden movement lashes at her eye.
She glances up, and, paralyzed with fear,
She gasps for breath; her voice emits a cry.
In terror flies she from the horror near.
At last with distance from the site she fled,
She turns with stricken face, and thinks.
She left her book with that great beast! If dead,
The book she could retrieve. Then her heart sinks.
No one such service she could hope to grant.
For none would wish to kill the little ant.

Sonnet 3                                   04-22-08

I brushed my teeth in hushed tranquility,
Oblivious to trials great and sore,
Unknowing peril that could threaten me,
A danger lying just beyond the door
Till Sarah, startled, cried, “Oh, Holli, help!”
And pulling tooth brush out of mouth, I said,
“What is the thing that causeth thee to yelp?”
“It’s not so funny! Terror hangs o’er my head!”
I turned to see this “terror” spoken of,
But all I saw was the door open wide
And Sarah gasping, pointing up above,
And then atop the door, the “terror” spied.
“My sister dear, you need not fear an ant.”
But ants to kill, as her fond wish, I grant.

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