Dialogue 1


Isabella Walsh: 11 years old; founder of the Butterfly Club, the Tree Climbing Club, the Walshabaskian Spies (a small band of girls to committed to defeating the evils of the Girl Exterminating Club), and, most recently, the Walsh Detective Agency

Miss Lucinda Guck: 34. Correctionist. Wears her hair pulled back in a tight bun. Overseer of the Matronly Anchorage for Girls In Crisis, or MAGIC (though I’m pretty sure the Correctionists disavow the acrostic). Has worked reforming girls since she was 28. Miss Guck hates her job, so naturally she is the one in charge. Her duty is to educate the happiness out of everyone on the playground. She wears a pencil skirt, a spotless white blouse and carries a ruler—everywhere.

Mr. Daniel Eckenroth: 32. School Custodian. Known simply as “Dan.” He is tall and lanky with dirty blonde free-style hair. He is super chill, good at fixing things, and has the potential to spoil the girls by bringing donuts occasionally . . . which he hasn’t realized yet is every Thursday morning. His other notable characteristic is that he gets Chinese takeout every day for lunch, except on days when the school cafeteria serves hamburger helper.

Mia: 12. The last name doesn’t matter. And Mia doesn’t want to say it. She has mouse brown hair that’s always held back with a white plastic headband. She has big brown eyes that sparkle when she gets excited. Best friends with Izzy Walsh (Isabella) she is much more introverted and quiet. She is also demonically foul tempered when she is upset—which is more frequent than you might think.

Mrs. Rebekah Robarge: 47. School cook. She is a tall, sturdily built woman with long, dark hair that she usually wears in a braid wrapped around her head. She is loud and fierce and never tolerates disrespect–for herself or for others. But despite her intimidating front, she is surprisingly good at listening, gives the best hugs, and always has a stash of food for the most downhearted soul.


The school playground.


Did you see that?



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