Christ the Great Exalted

Christ now raised and seated high,

reigning Great Exalted,

Lord of Light who hope supplied:

life when death assaulted,

Savior over sin and gloom

Mystery of redemption,

lead us to the empty tomb

turn our gaze to heaven.

Shameless one you shared our shame

lamb of God forsaken!

Blameless Son You wore our blame:

sentence born and taken!

All the terrors of the law

every judgement holy

met in You who died for all

Lord of grace and glory.

Hear the news let tidings spread

Jesus Christ is risen!

Lives again just as He said.

Gather round and listen.

See He stands, He eats, He prays;

joy inside us burning.

Lord of life to end of days:

Christ, our joy our yearning.

Seated now in Heaven’s joy

Sovereign of Redemption,

draw our hearts to Yours, destroy

all the works of Satan.

Help us long, to love, to praise

let us live like Jesus,

Raised to walk in life anew

for the Lord who saved us.

Where our Savior led the way,

Lord we follow gladly.

Walking in the light of day,

free to tell the story.

Bold, we’ll preach to those in need,

speak the gospel given.

Jesus died, and lives indeed

trust and be forgiven!

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