Sometimes all the lights go out

or make us to believe

that they were never really there.

You stumble into every wall

and trip and fall again.

You hear the snickers all around

the sounds but not the sights

of everybody watching you.

Sometimes every song goes out

an arrow in the air

that doesn’t even need to aim

to hit where it will hurt.

you feel the life you thought to live:

slipping, shadow, slide

dying just outside your hands.

sometimes every word you pray

is like a painful breath

on an ice-knife day outside.

you bumble talk into the sky,

and rise, an empty wan

and hope that half-meant words can work

sometimesallthe walls closein

and squeeze away the boast

of all the things you revel in

and crash, and stop and end

and walk away

Sometimes in the sharpened cold

you catch a breath of warm

that seems to come from other climes

and leaves you aching for some more.

Sometimes you can catch again

the slanting sunlight shafts.

But only if you look for them.

Sometimes frigid ice-wrapped winds

seem to turn to spring

Sometimes Aslan shows Himself to you…

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