Sometimes all the lights go out or make us to believe that they were never really there. You stumble into every wall and trip and fall again. You hear the snickers all around the sounds but not the sights of everybody watching you. – Sometimes every song goes out an arrow in the air that […]

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It’s hard to watch  the hands of time,  dismantling the past. unscrewing memories,  packing up the artifacts in boxes to bury someplace.    The house I loved, taken board by board, is not the place it was before— but lonely, struggling to stand,  in a forgotten field.    My elders—where are they? Time has damaged […]

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The trees look sad today,  lonely on the hill.  The wind played yesterday, but now the air is still.  And the leaves have gone away.    Will you let your faces fall where the leaves have died and fade? Your figures still stand tall though you cannot offer shade.  You shall yet bless us all.  […]

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