No Goodbyes

To You, I never have to say goodbye,

Feeling a piece of heart tear away with You

As I watch You leave.

I don’t have to turn my back on You and drive away,

Forsaking my home.

You will never leave me.


You have rescued me

From that vast place in the little word goodbye,

The place that the lonely call their home

In a country far from You

Where friends still go away

And loved ones leave.


But I never have to leave,

To weep and turn after You’ve left me,

To stretch far away

From the sting of that goodbye.

No, I am always with You,

Always at home.


For me, You left your home,

And I, for You, my own I leave.

Your Father turned His back on You

And set His gracious eyes on me

So that I would never have to say goodbye,

So that You would never have to go away.


If You take the ones I love away,

If You keep me far from home,

If my life is a long goodbye,

Written on every place I leave,

You will still walk beside me,

And I will still follow You.


Someday my eyes will see You

When You come to take me far away,

When my last goodbye escapes me.

You will dry my tears and carry me home

From the ones I had to leave

To the One who never said goodbye.


How beautiful to dwell with You at home

Where no one ever has to leave,

Where no one ever has to say goodbye.

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