Wide around the world there rang the sounds of mercy from the heaven-skies. Shepherds flocked and people gawked and crowds saw love distilled before their eyes.   Across the city of the king the sounds of judgement ripped the clouds apart. People mocked and Satan stalked as Life was deathed with Haven’s stricken cries.   […]

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Thanksgiving: Prayer

How easily my spirit faints— my words too weak to hold the weight of what I ought to say. And yet before God’s throne, where angels make His glories known and His glory lights the way, the incense wafts from bowls of gold— the prayers of the saints.    Father, thank You for prayer. –

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Mountain Trails

The path forks off and goes another way, nor you nor I know where the trail will trend. It leads up high into the misty grey. – And full of ardor, friends line up to say that they will join our journey to ascend the path that forks and goes another way. – But curving […]

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No Goodbyes

To You, I never have to say goodbye, Feeling a piece of heart tear away with You As I watch You leave. I don’t have to turn my back on You and drive away, Forsaking my home. You will never leave me.   You have rescued me From that vast place in the little word […]

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The same wind blows the smell of burning ashes back to the dead, back to the stones. – Busy, crawling worker ants and constant spider, spinning out the web, Dreary, shadowed by the tomb— shadow of death. – An aging man sits praying in a coat, More slender than a stem of frozen ice with grief […]

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Floating light-clad pillars gleam and deck the stately splendor of the hall. Beams of whiteness, shafts of snow. Highways of life. – Crystal voices echoing in force, more elegant than stems of frozen glass, but big; like waves and crashing foam and surf re-echo through and ’round and in the halls. – Allelujahs! Tongues and […]

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