Orange Flames and Firewood

Shadows stretch across the stone to grasp the crisscrossed spears and rounded shield. A nearby fire, fighting back the dark, and glistening on the spear tips’ hardened steel casts its glow upon a wizened man. He sits beside his grandson, gazing at the flame. The boy is playing with a map. “The Empire of Assyria,” […]

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No Goodbyes

To You, I never have to say goodbye, Feeling a piece of heart tear away with You As I watch You leave. I don’t have to turn my back on You and drive away, Forsaking my home. You will never leave me.   You have rescued me From that vast place in the little word […]

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Song of the Bereaved

The night is done— Our time When the sun rises on the sea And the smell of brine Draws you and me Out on the sand to run.   Today we cannot run— Your night is done, And it is only me Here in our time, Watching the foaming brine As the sun rises on […]

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