Variable Part 4–Reset

Tara pulled into the parking space at Johnson’s Grocery and jumped out of her car, tossing her keys in her handbag and slamming the door. She had to hurry if she wanted to get home in time for the latest episode of Game Plan. That’s when she saw him—Jay-Jay across the street with his mom—and smiled […]

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Variable, Part One–The Sickness

The wind whipped Tara’s hair back—cold, stinging. The mother with the baby carriage, the boy with the bike—and the police! Twelve seconds early. The trolley rushed by, and as she ran toward the center of the road, everything slowed like it was going in retrograde. Memory blurs that should’t have been—people she had never met […]

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Thoughts on Writing Poetry

Writing is about communication. Yes, poetry is art (or should be). Yes, poetry emotionally expresses the things that prose cannot (theoretically). Yes, poetry is allowed and encouraged to be ambiguous. But first and foremost, poetry should adhere to the central rule of all good writing. It must communicate. If your poetry is esoteric and gorgeous […]

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Mollie Wiser’s Superpower

I think every kid wants a superpower of some kind. My brother and I did. He always wanted to be a flame-throwing, shape-shifting, flying robot-man. Me? I just wanted to be invisible. Little did I ever think it would become a reality for me. I remember the day I discovered my superpower clearly. It was […]

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Part 2–Awesome Choices

I informed my friends that I will become a dictator. They took it in stride. If by taking it in stride you mean snorting in derision. But they were judged. Turns out it’s hard to snort in derision while drinking pop. Apparently deciding to become an evil dictator is the easy part. There are no […]

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