A Prayer after Reading Psalm 23

Good Shepherd of my doubting heart,

remind me of Your grace

in guiding me in righteousness

unto this grassy place.

There is no lightning in Your heart

to turn and strike me dead,

but streams of Living waters to

refresh my soul instead.

Your glory is the care You take

for errant, helpless sheep.

And as You watch, I lay my fears

aside and fall to sleep

for You are stronger than the wolves

that hunt my life for prey

and You are wiser than the wisest thoughts

I thought might guard my way.

To follow You, dear Shepherd-Lord,

is all that I must do

for strength and wisdom, hope and trust

are gifts that come from You.

And I shall never hunger here

for You have laid the spread—

of goodness, truth, and steadfast love—

Yourself, the Living bread.

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