Your Light Arises

Far away the wings of morning

lingered long in darkened hall.

Wreathed in murky gloom the promise

just beyond our reach and call.

Then a shaft of God-borne sunlight,

Morning star where night had fled

broke the bounds of death and darkness

Christ has risen from the dead!


See our death and darkness ending

See our glorious risen Christ!

Look, believe your light arises

Jesus conquers death and night.

Now the Son in beauty rises

Saving Light of fire and gold.

News to power to salvation

promised hope by men of old.

Streets are filling, people milling

Christ has risen truly, heed.

Hope of all the risen walking

Christ is risen—life indeed.

Hope of those who hoped the highest

Faith of those who faithed in Christ,

First Fruits of a grand redemption,

Risen Lamb whose death sufficed.

Filled in full the Father’s judgements

borne and buried in the tomb.

Now He lives our hope of glory

Death of death and Satan’s doom.  

Thrill to tell the ancient chorus

He who lives in power returns.

Bear the truth in earthen vessels.

See the harvest Jesus earns!

Looking upward toward the heavens

faithful, labor for the King.

He who rose will come as promised

sure as life He died to bring.

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