Christ, the Thorn

Sing praises to the Mighty One

and worship Him this morn,

enlarge your heart to praise the name

of Jesus Christ the thorn.

There obscure and unadorned

was baby Jesus born

yet Shepherds, angels, wise men bowed in praise

to Jesus Christ the thorn

No glorious beauty He possessed

the faithful, long fore-sworn.

The promised Savior of our souls

was Jesus Christ the thorn.

He pierced the hands of faithless men

who long had plucked and torn.

The hopeless walled in hopefulness—

the words of Christ the Thorn

He drove the bands of greedy gain

From temple grounds to warn,

Defending Yahweh’s house of prayer

This Jesus Christ the thorn.

He brought us life, He saved our souls

and midst shame and scorn

the lovliest flower of all the field

was Jesus Christ the thorn

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