The rumble thunder far away

the sky gone grey and stone

the wind path still…………………like holding breath

as sits the leaden, sober stress:

I stand vibrant here and live

because He bled. For me.

The shrugs and shirks—the lethargy,

the bow and bend to idle sins

pursued with passion down the path

or sometimes! just because. Like breath

I sin because I want…and take.

And now I stand to breathe and live

Because He bled. And died.

There is no trumpet praise or silver silk-lined speech

that makes the trade appropriate, for nothing’s sun

that makes my blackness His. I stand like hallow; all amazed.

The thunder sound I never fear,

and solid as a stone

I sleep in peaceful, every breath,

for lethargy and sin-like lead-

have sunken deep into the sea.

I tread the path in royalty

because He died. For me.

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