The Song of the Garden

It was in a garden where

the firstfruits of our race

found that joy and life was there

that Providence had placed.

But there inside a garden wall

of shrubs and trees and berries all

our cancer sin began to bloom

The death of light the world of doom.

It was in a garden where

the First Fruits of our life

sweat Great drops of blood in prayer

and bore for us our sin and strife.

For there beside an ancient tree

He chose to bear the penalty

and in the words “Your will be done”

to break our curse and lead us home

In Heaven there is a garden where

a crowd of sinners gathered round

all laugh and sing and join in prayer

the sound of saints the Lord has found.

And there they live on endless light

away from sorrow, death and night

they rest secure, the bridegrooms wife

and thrill to eat the bread of life.

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