Let All Earthly Men Rejoice

Children of the earth rejoice

and prostrate all your shame

Raise as one your ransomed voice

and kneel to God again.

No longer let the darkness rule

the souls His scars have saved;

but lift on high the glorious jewel

and stand and walk amazed

The earth is broad; and rich and warm

The daylight of His face

As darkness flees before the morn

That shows His saving grace.

For Christ is born and here in stone

The God who deals with sin

Has through a baby overthrown

the Devil’s hold within.

All the world in troubled gloom

Sleeps a grimly silence.

Victim-heirs of sins first bloom

cloaked in pain and violence

Hark! The sound of angel strains

Glory songs are ringing.

Heaven twined with earth again:

peace and favor bringing

Shepherds in the fields at night,

wise men in their travels,

aged men with keener sight

see your death unravel!

See His wonders, hear His voice

never prophet spoke thus.

Let all earthly men rejoice

Christ our Lord is with us

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