Good News

“Good Friends, I need good news today,

please tell me, if you can

Is there life beyond the grave

that’s offered up to man?”

“Yes, there’s life, and perfect life

that never fades away

It’s found in Christ our living king

and offered free, today!”

                                                                      “I need a sacrifice for sin

to die the death for me

a sacrifice that lasts for good

and truly sets me free.”

“Good friend, the Savior bled and died,

for You His life was given,

that through His death your soul might gain

an entrance into heaven.”

I need a constant sacrifice

that’s offered day by day

to wash my ever growing sins

and take my guilt away.”

“Good friend we offer better still:

a Lamb who broke the Fall,

who died but once and ever lives

for those who trust and call.

I almost fear an answer friends,

a king who killed the grave?

Who rose from death and lives again

to cleanse and heal and save?”

“Would God be conquered by the earth,

and swallowed up in stone?

He rose in power as He said

and intercedes alone.”

“Then I embrace the Lord who died,

this deathless living One.

I give my life, my soul my all

to Jesus Christ God’s Son.”

“The Spirit and the Bride say Come

and let the sinful think

of all the life that’s promised those

who pant, and kneel, and drink.”

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