Disciples’ Hymn

Come, arise, in morning song, let us think of Jesus!

Christ, the church’s  cornerstone, risen God now lead us.

Crucified by evil men, Satan’s power entombing,

raised up by the Father’s hand, royal rights assuming.

Christ has sent our Comforter: Holy Ghost indwelling

heralds of the gospel truth by His power, compelling.

Baptized by the Spirit’s flame, go to every nation.

Preach His truth throughout the world: mercy and salvation.

Rise and shake your fear and gloom, endless life is granted.

Shame and guilt condemn no more, Satan’s rule supplanted.

One in Christ, a family strong, in His name we gather.

Pillar, bullwork of the truth, church of God the Father.

Son of Man, who reigns supreme, Worthy Lamb victorious,

coming soon to rule the earth, Judge and Savior glorious!

Tears are dried, our hopes fulfilled, every longing sated

by the Bridegroom of the feast. Come Thou long awaited!


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