Perfect Gift

I should have known You long ago—
my heart was born with chambers void of blood,
the walls just small and hidden to the eyes,
but to the soul more endless than the stars.

I should have felt Your absence in my tears—
the ache of endings could have been a mold
to pour my thoughts and make a cast of You,
but I could only feel the throbbing loss.

I should have caught Your likeness in my dreams,
the tales of love I scrawled on every page
formed lines that traced a semblance of You.
But it was just Your shadow that I loved.

I should have guessed Your greatness in the thirst
for grand adventure strangling my soul.
But gagging on the cold, bland taste of life,
I only thought to cram my mouth with more.

I should have seen You long ago
for every longing almost writes Your name,
but lifeless hearts and eyes have never seen
Until Your Spirit filled the empty veins.

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