He felt the call as clearly as the horn that echoed through the trees at Amon Hen; and quickly rose in answer lest the warn be lost and all destroyed without true men. But no one else had caught that solemn call, and when they tried to hear the notes of light that haunt from […]

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The Dabbler

He dabs and bows his head, a dapper chap who cheeps about each day to twit and feed. He flaunts, and hops and leaves without a map. – Some weeks it seems he left or took a nap. But soon as hope he pops around for seed, and dabs and bows his head: a dapper […]

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Perfect Gift

I should have known You long ago— my heart was born with chambers void of blood, the walls just small and hidden to the eyes, but to the soul more endless than the stars. I should have felt Your absence in my tears— the ache of endings could have been a mold to pour my […]

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Mountain Trails

The path forks off and goes another way, nor you nor I know where the trail will trend. It leads up high into the misty grey. – And full of ardor, friends line up to say that they will join our journey to ascend the path that forks and goes another way. – But curving […]

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Sky Diving

When God tells you to simply trust… it’s not the fear of falling through the skies with Him beside that makes you gasp. It’s feeling that your parachute is wobbly on your back. Jump, hoping against instinct flight instructors understand. Land in horrified joy, never to leap from heights again. Trust… as white mountains flash […]

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Race to Verdou Fountain Prt 2

“You want to what?!” “Listen, Krea, it’s because I really think he’s going to anyw—” Alston began. “So because you’re sure Quinn is going to do it anyway, you’re going to stop protesting and just help him? That’s how you keep your friend safe, by helping him plot his own death march?” “When you say […]

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Hopes vs. Fears

Some hopes glow like bright balloons That lure you to the sky— They take you up to glorious heights Then pop, then drop, then die. And when you wake with muddy teeth And gravel in your eye, With hands and knees and elbows scraped, The pain will make you cry. Wipe those tear drops from […]

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Nameless Here Chapter 1

“Paddle harder!” Cooper and I knelt in the small motorboat and plunged our paddles into the surging water again and pulled. “It’s not working!” I yelled. I glanced back at Alivia who sat clinging with one hand to the boat’s frame while frantically trying to restart the engine with the other. Behind her, a churning black cloud swallowed the sky […]

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