Perfect Gift

I should have known You long ago— my heart was born with chambers void of blood, the walls just small and hidden to the eyes, but to the soul more endless than the stars. I should have felt Your absence in my tears— the ache of endings could have been a mold to pour my […]

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My Lot

The puddles shine like glass on dampened, trampled trails; the rivers run each day where the forest stays and stales— well fit, they say, for me. But I can hear the sea. Perhaps the pond that rests among the browning hills? The crystal lake that skirts the mountain’s cedar frills? Enough for all but me […]

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The Party

  Beating hearts shining eyes opened ceilinged car. – Speed! Jacked and ripped and wid’ning speed – And noise and friends and legs and hands and hair. – Need. Frantic pulsing pushing pulling need – Raw desire for jokes and s’mores and Red. Hot. Fire. – And wood. Burning, snapping, cracking wood. Then heat, – […]

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