Take the Lamp

It seems a cold, dark shaft where love would bid me go— deep beneath the hills. The memories, sand-like, blow— a heart-blinding draft.   I’ve walked the caves before— walked them with a thief until the stars were gone; I know the haunting grief— and I cannot anymore.   But I forget that love, with […]

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Sunset Meditations

Soft and hazy light tinting the air with gold— the sweetest moments of the day like a tapestry unrolled  across the sky tonight.   The sun is saying goodbye— a warm wash of rose gold above the mountains, enchanting to behold, and yet I want to cry.   The sunset fills my eyes, but the […]

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God Most Beautiful

Oh God, most beautiful, arise to shine upon my weary ways,  transform these shadows into light, and turn  familiar tears to praise.  – These days stretch on like endless night, weigh heavy as an iron chain when I forsake your kindnesses to sow my heart with seeds of pain.  – But You are glorious in […]

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Thoughts of Spring

How fair the morning glow of Spring when sunshine hikes the eastern hills and summits in the dark of night, breathing out the hopeful light.  Our hearts with awe, it stills, as it wakes the slumbering birds to sing.   Across the fields the daffodils  unfold—a sign of pledges kept through winter’s long and harsh […]

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We’re layered, Lord, before Your face like bolts of cloth in folds of darker and of lighter shades. The sun bright side that people see and shake their head in wonderment at the shining, sun-flecked layers, made of light without a trace of shade. – We’re layered, Lord, before Your face, in bolts of unseen […]

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My Light

The air sparkles with tiny drops of day. Flashing colors play everywhere in glass.  I follow the light that calls me far away,  Closing the door as I eagerly pass.  Flashing colors play everywhere in glass Like a child. I don’t notice Him there,  Closing the door as I eagerly pass. I chase rainbows for […]

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Darkness falls, The cloak of evil claiming all the world. The One to save us from our sins, Our highest hope’s become our deepest loss. We put our one Light out upon a cross, And all is darkness now. ___ Cold and dark The death-cave where we lay our only Light, Nothing but a shadow […]

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The same wind blows the smell of burning ashes back to the dead, back to the stones. – Busy, crawling worker ants and constant spider, spinning out the web, Dreary, shadowed by the tomb— shadow of death. – An aging man sits praying in a coat, More slender than a stem of frozen ice with grief […]

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Floating light-clad pillars gleam and deck the stately splendor of the hall. Beams of whiteness, shafts of snow. Highways of life. – Crystal voices echoing in force, more elegant than stems of frozen glass, but big; like waves and crashing foam and surf re-echo through and ’round and in the halls. – Allelujahs! Tongues and […]

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